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Kỹ sư quy trình Công nghệ | Brewing & Processing Process Engineer

Position / Title/ Name:

Brewing & Processing Process Engineer



Work place

Hue, Vietnam

Reporting line:

Packaging or B&P manager/ Packaging line  or B&P line manager

Budget responsibility:

As defined by line manager


Main purpose of the position:


Role is critical for the organisations committed to Support Sail 22 strategy through  Carlsberg Excellence Journey. It will extensively bring the full range of Focussed, Safety and Quality Improvement methods and tools to attack losses and support Building High Performance Organisation

Working directly with the line teams on a daily basis the Process Engineer will:

·       Support the Carlsberg Excellence Journey Implementation mastering, training, and coaching the line teams.

·       Support the implementation and maintenance of all food safety & personal safety standards. Supports training to all operators partnering with HSE and Quality when delivering those topics.

·       Develop the Loss Management process for the line, including a details loss intelligence to identify losses, loss eradication cycles following standard problem-solving tools and ensuring loss prevention by integrating countermeasures to existing standards. Is also responsible to train and coach operators in mature phases to run the Loss Management cycle in full autonomy.

·       Lead focus improvement initiatives seeking to restore basic conditions and create technical standards to ensure process capability, product quality and operational safety at the lines.

·       Act as the technical trainer for the line teams and provide coaching in root cause analysis, problem solving and establishment of countermeasures

·       Ensure that all necessary standards are produced (SOPs / SMPs / CILs /etc) by the line teams aiming to share knowledge and foster a culture of LEARN – DO and TEACH

·       Responsible to identify and share best practices to the other lines, areas and breweries. Also promotes active benchmarking searching constantly benchmarking internally and externally

·       Act as a leader for VSU (Vertical Start-up) in case of new initiatives and technologies within the area

·       Act as a team member in the equipment upgrade/modernisation projects, as well as purchasing new ones

·       Lead and conduct trials and industrial tests for the new types of packaging materials, raw materials and finished goods

·       Act as a change agent identifying, standardising and expanding best practices to the other lines, areas and sites


Personal leadership  competencies:

·       Demonstrates commitment and personal ownership, and sticks to decisions taken

·       Sets clear and stretch objectives and rigorously tracks their delivery

·       Individually ensures the team has the capability to deliver

·       Involves and inspires others and gives people responsibility

·       Detects and encourages talent and coaches towards for company targets

·       Takes and executes decisions with quality and speed

·       Plans effectively, sets priorities and puts ideas into practice

·       Seizes opportunities, embraces and drives change


Educational / minimum requirements:

Education and Experience:

·       University degree in Engineering (mechanical/chemical/electrical or food technologies)

·       1-3 years’ experience from relative position in Production environment would be an advantage

·       Experience in statistics and process control tools

·       Experience in Lean / Continuous Improvement programs

·       Experience in Process and Organisational Design

·       Experience in TPM pillars and application of methods and tools

Expected Basic Engineering competencies


·       Understands fits and tolerances, welding terminology, and welding technology

·       Reads and understands production drawings

·       Is able to make tolerance chain and geometrical dimensioning analysis

·       Understands strength of materials

Hydraulics and Pneumatics:

·       Understand pumps, valves, pipes and fittings

·       Reads hydraulic circuit diagrams

·       Understands compressed air terminology

·       Understands pneumatic components, pneumatic circuit design and troubleshooting, servo-pneumatics

Instrumentation and Measurement:

·       Builds process specification and uses instrumentation to ensure that process control, quality and safety standards are met

Electrical and automation:

·       Understand the principles of process control and can ensure that this is applied in the design of standard applications; includes measurement and control of process, how to select a field instrument including analogue and digital sensors and actuators

·       Understands and applies the principles of motion control; includes servo drives, encoders, distributed intelligence used in filling and packing machines and end-of-line equipment

·       Understands legislation and international standards concerning machinery safety circuits and can ensure this is applied in practical applications

Language skills:

·       Fluent in local language (spoken and written)

·       Fluent in English (preferable)


Job responsibilities:

People Management

·       Brings in the awareness and develops the understanding of Carlsberg Excellence across all levels of the organisation, makes sure everyone knows their role within the team and contributes accordingly

·       Effectively communicates changes to brewery team and all stakeholders to reduce potential risks, threats, or resistance to changes

·       Builds people capability throughout the organisation fully utilising the community to gather momentum and grows individuals

·       Collaborates with other functions and within supply chain to hold people accountable for delivering improvement

·       Maintains awareness on a regular basis and improves continuously

·       Recognises good work within the area

·       Rigorously following up HSE, food safety and hygiene and standards within the area

·       Responsible for coordinating technological, material, way of working related change initiatives in the packaging department including training and development

Process Management

·       Uses concepts of cost loss tree and root cause analysis to diagnose issues and quantifies/evaluates improvement opportunities

·       Identifies appropriate internal and external KPI’s to track performance for the area of responsibility

·       Ensures KPIs meet the agreed definitions, and used to measure results in timely and consistent manner

·       Develops plans to take corrective action

·       Initiates improvements on the workplace organisation in order to improve labour productivity, safety and hygiene

·       Participates in developing of process sheets and changeover matrixes

·       Defines and maintains the optimum process parameters to ensure the maximum efficiency of the equipment and production in accordance with the standards set in the COM and technical specifications

·       Calibrates line measuring systems and establishes process capability parameters

·       Analysing the root causes of process failures, loss of raw & packaging materials as well as finished goods and other quality issues. Takes part in the development of measures to prevent and eliminate them in the production process

·       Understands the manpower, utilities and consumables loss value within start-ups and changeovers: minimising changeovers by optimising run strategy.

·       Understands the key packaging material characteristics, specifications and tolerances

·       Understands food hygiene and safety standards and the impact on machinery and material requirements

·       Identifies the root causes of equipment malfunctions or defects. If necessary, is able to take part in the repair, installation, testing and adjustment of particularly complex parts of the equipment (units and machines) in cooperation with maintenance

·       Develops and support lines team to create and update Carlsberg Excellence activity boards

·       Conducting internal meetings aimed at developing measures to prevent and eliminate non-conformities and reduce losses

·       Continuously demonstrates and promotes root causes analysis, defines countermeasures and validates their effectiveness within the team

·       Responsible for ensuring packaging standards related to the area are complied with COM, drives SOP development and process confirmation

·       Ensures collaboration and integration among the Carlsberg Excellence pillars

Performance Management

·       Actively supports defining Carlsberg Excellence focus areas

·       Actively works on Carlsberg Excellence targets leading the development of the implementation approach in alignment with Site KPI/KAI

·       Supports and in some specific cases owns the targets delivery of efficiency and effectiveness by bringing in “New ways of working”

·       Verifies if actual savings are meeting expectations and delivering expected business benefits for production cost reduction


Stakeholders & Relations

(Internal & External)

·       B&P

·       Packaging

·       Maintenance & Utilities

·       Local Customer Supply Chain

·       QA

·       EHS,

·       Procurement

·       Controlling

·       Local and Central Planning

·       HR


ISC Global and Regional Support Teams

How to apply

Send your resume to [email protected]