Danh mục

Trưởng ca vận hành | Utility team leader


Job Description

Vị trí/Chức danh

Position / Title/ Name

Utility Shift leader (Team leader)

Bộ phận


Maintenance and Utility

Nơi làm việc Workplace


Hue Plant

Báo cáo tới

Reporting line


Utility manager

Mục tiêu của vị trí Main purpose of the position

• Works as a independent  Technician  in all  utility plants, expert in selected plants, competent to manage utility systems and leads utility operators/technician teams

• Knows, develops and applies all safety, hygiene, technical SOP rules for utility plants

• Covering operational activities when necessary (breaks absentees and emergencies)                                           

• Organises team work and delegated tasks to operators and technicians

• Leads PMS meeting

• Supports planning and implements utility plant maintenance

• Can replace Utility Manager in their absence

• Acts as leading Technician on day-shift /on duty if appointed

• Supervisor external contractors

Trách nhiệm công việc

Job responsibilities

Startup machines and distribution systems according to SOP or other instructions

Trouble-shoot start-up malfunctions

Fill checklist

Supervise operational parameters and running conditions of equipment according to SOP and other instructions as well as agreed service levels

Check functioning of valves, appliances and instruments etc., plant walkthroughs to visually confirm working conditions

Perform quality control checks

Carry out operational routines on equipment e.g. blowdown, sequencing, regeneration, receiving of consumables

Analyze and inspect plants to define equipment condition and needs/scope for maintenance

Contribute to maintenance plan according to assigned role (spare parts, time schedule, services etc.)

Carry out regular and periodic maintenance checks, cleaning, wear & tear parts replacement etc. according to SOP and other instructions

Carry out overhauls according to maintenance plan and scope of work  if applicable

Carry out major overhauls according to maintenance plan, e.g. condenser cleaning, valve testing, motors, compressors

Supervision and assist maintenance services

Emergency response to breakdowns and malfunctions following SOP or other instructions

Troubleshooting in abnormal operation or unplanned shut down

Carry out repairs assigned to the role, e.g. leak control, electric, mechanical

Carry out major repairs assigned to the role and assist/ supervise external repairs

Shut down the plants according to SOP or other instructions

Perform post-shutdown routines, e.g. cleaning, maintenance, leak walks

Organize shift-based and task-based work of utility team

Report on performance in daily log books, report at shift take over, participate in PMS boards, report checklists etc.

Report deviations from SOP, operational parameters, actual service level (e.g. pressure, flow)

Collect meter data, verify meter readings, calibrate and collect samples according to monitoring and sampling plans

Contribute to analysis of KPI reports and discussion of results with root cause analysis

Support/ prepare regulatory reports, analysis and inspections e.g. tanks, environmental affairs

Deliver training to the team and peer-to-peer based on needs

Revise and modify SOP to reflect changes and best practice

Act as machine/process expert for operational aspects in a defined scope

Yêu cầu kinh nghiệm/kỹ năng

Personal qualifications / competencies

At least 2 years experience in Utility plant

Having all mandatory training for all utility plants.                                                           

Yêu cầu học vấn Educational / minimum requirements


Automation, mechanical, electrical, thermal, water & wastewater engineer.

Automation engineers are given priority


Mối quan hệ nội bộ & bên ngoài Stakeholders & Relations

(Internal & External)

Coordinate with all department in brewery, company and 3rd parties/ contractors