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Vị trí: Chief Accountant

Chief Accountant

Working location: Hanoi

Job summary:

-          Ensure integrity of all financial information/ financial reports of the entities in charge.

-          Responsible for the company’s compliance with local tax rules, VAS/IFRS and Group guidelines, policies.

-          Develop and implement accounting procedures.

-          Manage payment process, especially payment for commercial activities.

-          Propose and participate in functions’ business process improvement.

-          Manage both internal and external audits, including financial/tax/operational audits.

-          Analyze financial information and prepare management reports for multiple purposes (budgeting, business case , etc…).

-          Manages staff accountants at site and from distance.

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Vị trí: Đại diện bán hàng

Đại diện bán hàng

Tóm tắt công việc:

  • Thực hiện kế hoạch bán hàng theo tuyến hàng tuần của khu vực mình quản lý
  • Chịu trách nhiệm hoàn thành các chỉ tiêu KPI hàng tháng.
  • Báo cáo và chịu sự quản lý, giám sát của giám đốc Bán hàng Khu vực (ASM).
  • Hỗ trợ nhà phân phối, các điểm tiêu thụ, quản lý công nợ .
  • Phối hợp với bộ phận Marketing, thực hiện tốt kế hoạch xúc tiến bán hàng, chương trình khuyến mại đạt hiệu quả đề ra.

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Vị trí: Market Execution Executive

Market Execution Executive

Địa điểm làm việc

Working location: Hanoi, Thua Thien Hue

Tóm tắt công việc

Job summary

Market Audit

  • Conduct frequent market visits to check FIT implementation and sales compliance towards sales policies, sales rules and principles.
  • Ensure sales newcomers be inducted by line managers and assigned persons
  • Check POSM and trade promotion deployed at outlets.

·         Collect market information about products, services, prices, promotion and other related activities from other players.

  • Engage in market survey where requested.

Market Analysis

·         Do reports after marketing visit and audit.


Capabilities development

·         Assist Line Manager to develop and cascade best practice tools (BPTs) for sales.

·         Work cross functionally with Trade Marketing, MOFT Team, Sales Training Team to develop guidelines and communication of our store Impact Areas, and drive store execution (FIT Program and others).

·         Join in working cross functionally to build sales toolkits for any launch of new products, sales & trade plans and ensure the effective implementation.

·         Join in training BPTs to sales team and BA of GT & MOFT

Other tasks as assigned by Line Manager.

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Vị trí: Field Sales Trainer

Field Sales Trainer

Địa điểm làm việc

Working location: Hanoi

Tóm tắt công việc

Job summary:

The Field Sales Trainer is responsible for ensuring all sales professionals have thorough knowledge of the product, can effectively use closing skills, overcome objections, and use consultative selling techniques  to maximize sales professionals effectiveness by determining and solving training needs.

The duties of the Field Sales Trainer are to plan, conduct, coordinate and implement a comprehensive training program for the sales staff. The training components will be geared toward new hires, existing sales staffs and sales professionals, BA team who seek one-on-one assistance. Main tasks of Field Sales Trainer:

  • Execute of all sales training programs 
  • Determine training needs/applications by join field work with Sales team, meetings
  • Develop training materials as assigned
  • Ensure the quality of training materials
  • Develop learning and development methodology and programs that ensure sustainable development outside the classroom
  • Provide training administration for courses

Consult with business partners on sales performance issues and the implications for training and development, informing the Sales training manager of immediate needs/requests

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